Call birds and animal noises

By Musical Writing System codec you get a detailed displaying of the structures of call birds and animal noises. The code is made to get audio analysis of sequences of sounds between 0 and 150kHz frequency. The accuracy is made possible thanks to the -90% speed analysis of the waveform. You could read codes easy, transmitting them by chat if you like, or store in a db and merge them to identify sources.

Geothlypis trichas. Copyright: Dan Pancamo.

Geothlypis trichas encoding

A call bird audio analysis example

I:DDi/.di.>b:Di./:diD+p.dw_.d-idpD.y./.D-iID.yd_d:iDbD.o/Di.>bD.i+bD.od/Di>bDo_.d-i +^p:Dy./.D-id>>^ID.y./:did+pd:wD_:DiDpD.yD/d-iD<ID.wD>>b.d-iD_D.i+pD.yd/d:i.><ID.wd+b:do/Di>>bd:iD+p:dyD/.di>IDid/.d-iDp.D-wD/D.idp:dy/d:i+b.d-od_D.ibD.od/Di. ID.w.b:dod/DiD>>biD-iD_i:D.

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