The project

musical writing system is a method for audio analysis together with waveform and spectrogram.

Three methods for audio analysis


musical writing system is a method for the representation of a sequence of sounds in a textual form by Glauco Leo. The algorithm is filed at the italian patent office (UIBM) with n. 102018000004364. The final method is the result of a research I join since 2011, and it comprises four reviews (2011-2014-2017-2018).


My aim is to get an audio codec for audio analysis you could use together with spectrogram and waveform. Encoding an audiowave into a textual form means you can display the structure of a sequence of sounds by typographic symbols combinations, analyse and share it easy. The algorithm comprises, but is not restricted to, biology and music field.


The invention allows to describe sounds which have frequencies between 0 and 150.000 Hz by an accuracy of their durations to within ± 0,0078125 and combinations of a limited number of typographic symbols. It only covers frequency and duration of sounds, and well-developed combinations of symbols are linked to them. The combinations are based on default elements and thanks to their connections it is possible to generate infinite combinations starting from a finite set of symbols.


The algorithm is based on a theory where I displayed the relationship between two elements of a real thing (here the real thing is an audio subject) by a mathematical formula. The algorithm should demonstrate the final encoding of an audio subject is the complete formula of the relationships between all the elements of that subject and the visible representation of the thoughts of the mind from which they come from on that date (and only that) as well. That representation is like a picture of an event of the mind of the individual it will not be ever.


The approximation of the encoding to within ± 0,0078125 sec is to make it useful to a human being and not only for a calculator. It means you can store the philological interpretation of a piece of music from such a performer, compare it to other interpretations of the same performer from different period of his career, compare it to the interpretations of different performers on different periods, and store it in a 1:1000 database space....let your imagination work on many many possibilities to use the method. In biology field, ornitology in particular, you can display the structure of animal noises and call birds.

  • writing high precision;
  • 1:1000 files than the traditional score;
  • slow internet connection speed working skill;
  • integration with informatic tecnology;
  • easy to use via chat by traditional keyboard or voice;
  • unicode characters, very limited in number;
  • very simple handwriting form;
  • based on human experience and usability;

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